...And Who knoweth whether thou art come to the Kingdom
'For Such A Time As This?'

               Esther 4:14

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About Us

For Such A Time As This Women's Ministry 2009
"Real Women Ministering to Real Lives" 
Helping women relate to the real struggles women face today!


Make Excellence A Tradition


BJ Ford - Founder
BJ is the wife of Apostle Charley Ford, and Senior Co-Pastor of God's Powerhouse Christian Center, in Muskogee, Oklahoma. She is the mother of 6, grandmother, and most of all, a woman who is 'God-Centered' instead of 'self-centered'. Her heart's desire is to teach other women how important it is to understand why they were chosen and born on this earth for such a time as this. Her dynamic approach to helping women to understand this and to be the best they can be leaves no stone unturned. From her intuitive preaching and teachings to the powerful anointing the Lord has placed on her, to her love for God's girls is surely a cut above for this hour. She is also in the process of writing another book which is titled, Ettiquette's For Minister's Wives and Ministries. It will be about the do's and don'ts of Ministries when you go out to minister.

This is for the women in these ministries however. This is a subject she feels is of great necessity, for many have not been properly taught the importance of this, and BJ has experienced both sides... the pastor's wife and the woman who goes out to minister along with her husband, as well as being the woman to go out to minister.


Brandy Scott, President
Brandy Co-Pastors along with her husband, Bishop Danny Scott at GPCC as well as leading the Praise Team into worship along with her husband each service. She sings, mimes, dances, human videos, God's Word is such a powerful way, as well as portrays the late Kathryn Kuhlman and the late Aimee Semple McPherson throughout the United States. She also portrays the character of Miriam in our annual For Such A Time As This Christmas Program each year. She is the founder of Last Days Mime & Ministry, and teaches mime weekly and her students love to learn as she teaches the techniques and stresses the importance of timing and most of all the anointing so that others can take this ministry to their churches as well. https://www.facebook.com/brandy.scott.9256




Jennifer Wilson, Vice-President

Jennifer Co-Pastors along with her husband, Pastor Sean Wilson, as Associate Pastors of GPCC and Youth Pastors of God's Powerteenz. Jennifer has many unique gifts and talents God has given her, as well as anointed her and equipped her to accomplish. She sings, does comedy, mimes and acts, portraying the character of Queen Esther each year in our annual For Such A Time As This Christmas Program, which runs an average of 4 nights in December. We are extremely blessed to have her as a part of the FSATATWM Team. https://www.facebook.com/Jennifer.wilson

Judy Villalobos
Judy is the one who Coordinates our Women's Monthly Meetings, which is on the third Saturday each month at 9:30 AM. She runs the services and God has anointed her so much in this area as she stays sensitive to the Holy Spirit and allows Him to lead each service. She is also our K.I.D.S. (Kids In Divine Service) Unlimited Pastor & an anointed Adult Sunday School Teacher.

Darla Ford
Darla is the Treasurer who collects the love offerings each month and is very faithful to pray over the needs of those who are able and those who not able to give. She just loves God's girls. She also is our Toddler's Pastor at GPCC and oversees that all of those little God's Power tots are not just watched over, but leave each service knowing more about who Jesus is right out of God's Word.

 Terri Ford
Terri is the one who we call when a woman has some very serious needs and that's when Terri just steps in to help meet the needs, especially of those who are in an abusive environment. She and her husband, Pastor Waylon Ford, are the Associate Pastors of
True Light Fellowship Church, in Holdenville, Oklahoma. They are under the Senior Pastors Dave and Darla Newbold, who are very anointed pastors and mentors.
Terri also sings, leads Praise and Worship, mimes, preaches and teaches. But when she is not doing that you may see her on the soccer field along with her husband coaching a soccer team. 

 Lynn Duffy
Lynn has such a unique gift of setting up our gift tables each month with such fun and unique ideas to set them off in just the right way. She also is one of the greatest intercessory prayer warriors I have met, for she takes your needs straight to the throne of God and intercedes on your behalf. She is truly a blessing to our FSATATWM Team.



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